The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) sign a Memorandum of Understanding
Cairo and Sydney, 15 Feb 2017: In an important step towards their mutual goals to build capital flows and communication channels, The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that includes mutual cooperation and the exchange of information across both Exchanges’ business areas.
Through this MOU the two exchanges have created possibilities for a range of opportunities to be studied and explored for the development of their businesses, products, and markets, and to share knowledge and build on both exchanges' strategies of strengthening international connectivity.
“This Memorandum of Understanding further complements EGX's strategy to cooperate with global exchanges beyond its traditional markets in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. It is the first time ever that EGX has signed an MOU with an exchange located in Australia. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with SSX for the benefit of both exchanges, and aim to cross list and trade securities that would provide new investment alternatives to investors in both markets”, said Dr. Mohamed Omran, Executive Chairman of EGX.
Mr Tony Sacre, CEO of SSX, said “We are delighted to be partnering with EGX in this initiative. This collaboration will extend SSX’s reach beyond Asia Pacific to Africa and encourage trade and capital flows between Australia and Egypt. Africa is a strong trade corridor for the Australian and Asian economies. Our new partnership will focus on developing innovative companies and listings in sectors such as mining, oil & gas, real estate, technology, agribusiness, and consumer and business services.”
About SSX
Sydney Stock Exchange is a securities exchange in Australia with a market licence granted by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Sydney Stock Exchange provides opportunities for growth-oriented companies to raise the capital they need for expansion from a diversified range of domestic and international investors, especially from the Asia-Pacific region.
Sydney Stock Exchange operates its official list of securities as a Main Board, but it has the flexibility that a Second Board provides. Sydney Stock Exchange provides and develops specialised markets in sectors including resources, oil & gas, real estate, technology, agribusiness, services and growth companies. Sydney Stock Exchange provides ‘listing’ facilities to companies and securities issuers as well as 'trading' facilities for stock brokers, traders and investors to buy and sell securities. More information is available at
Sydney Stock Exchange is a part of the APX Exchange Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the AIMS Financial Group, an Australian diversified financial services and investment group active in the areas of mortgage lending, securitisation, corporate advice, funds management, property investment and high-tech investment.
About EGX
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is Egypt’s only registered Stock Exchange. It is the oldest and most open market in the Middle East, and North Africa. EGX is a market operator specialized in listing and trading equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, ETFs, and close ended mutual funds. It operates a high quality market for the benefits of its local and international clients. EGX serves and empowers its customers by providing top notch market technology, innovative products, fair, transparent, and efficient markets.
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