Our Strategy

SSX acts as a bridge for capital, knowledge, deals and investor flows between the Asia and Australia. SSX aims to attract:
    • Australian companies to be listed on SSX
    • Asian companies (especially from Greater China) to be listed on SSX
    • Australian investors to invest in companies listed on SSX and to trade the Stocks on SSX
    • Asian investors (especially from Greater China) to invest in companies listed on SSX and to trade the Stocks on SSX
      SSX aims to attract millions of investors from Asia (especially Greater China) to trade on SSX's stocks
    • Capital raising from Australia capital market
    • Capital raising from Asia capital market (especially Chinese capital market)
SSX is in the process of developing a Chinese RMB board. It will assist:
  • SSX listing Companies to raise capital using RMB in China
  • Chinese investors to trade shares in RMB via online trading platform for SSX listing stocks

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Bridging Asian and Australian Capital Markets

SSX has extensive connections in the Asia-Pacific region and with leading investment and securities firms in Singapore, Greater China and other Asian countries. SSX has strategic relationships with China at a corporate and institutional level.

SSX offers Chinese market participants an alternative listing venue to the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges in China. SSX has presence in China.