SSX commenced as the Australia properly exempt market in 1997. SSX was granted a stock exchange licence in August 2004.

In October 2008, George Wang acquired the Exchange and renamed it Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (APX).

In November 2015, the Exchange adopted its current name - Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX). This change is consistent with SSX's strong philosophy and core mission to promote Sydney and Australia as an integral part of Asia and a leading financial centre. 

The change to Sydney Stock Exchange was also driven by our customers and stakeholders. They wanted to be identified as being listed on an exchange of a major financial city. Changing the name to Sydney Stock Exchange provides that association. The name is easily recognizable and resonates across the region.

A number of companies which have grown to be significant companies in the Australian economy were traded on APX including Sigma Company Limited, Sydney Futures Exchange Corporation Limited, Becton Development Limited and SPC Ardmona Limited.

SSX is licenced to provide both listing and trading services in Australia. SSX is now in a competitive position to develop a regional approach with a focus on opportunities in Australia and Asia (especially China). 

On 11th June 2009, the deputy chairman of Sydney Stock Exchange signed strategic cooperation agreements with Tianjin municipal government.