19 May

SSX & BitTrade to develop a public Blockchain System


Sydney Stock Exchange (“SSX”) and Bit Trade Labs have announced the establishment of a joint venture to develop a blockchain based equities market settlement and registration system, initially for SSX’s equities and private markets platforms, but also available for other market and market operators.

The JV is targeting implementing a blockchain solution, subject to regulatory and market participant’s approval and engagement, within months for its private markets network and early in 2018 for the SSX equities market.

The announcement was made at a “Practical Blockchains” forum run by SSX, Bit Trade Labs and ADCCA (the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association) which was opened by an address from the Hon. Wyatt Roy, MP, Assistant Minister for Innovation this week.

In his opening address, the Hon. Wyatt Roy said, “This is a great initiative.

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04 Oct

SSX's blockchain project reaches first milestone


APXS announced the blockchain settlement and registration initiative in May this year, initially for application at APXS sister company the Sydney Stock Exchange’s equities and private markets platforms.

APXS distinguishes itself by taking a collaborative approach with industry and market participants. Demonstrating this open approach, the development has been done in collaboration with BoardRoom Pty Limited, a Sydney based share registry service.

APXS intends to extend the smart register beyond equity securities to commodities markets, opening up opportunities for government and industry to transform markets currently hampered by antiquated structures and technology.

APXS is now evaluating the appropriate infrastructure for its production environment and is now working with leading industry assurance and cyber security experts to develop verification methodologies to address systemic risks.

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