SSX tries to make the listing process as simple as possible for the potential listee. Once a company satisfies the minimum listing criteria of SSX, it’s a matter of talking to one of the SSX Business Development about their intentions to list, then engaging a Sponsor to start the listing application process. For more information, please contact

Criteria for Listing

All Issuers
  • Minimum net tangible assets or a market capitalisation of at least $2,000,000
  • Minimum 50 security holders
  • The entity must have sufficient Working Capital (minimum of $300,000)
  • The entity must apply for, and be granted, permission for quotation of all the securities in its main class of securities
  • The constitution of the entity must be consistent with and satisfy the requirements of the Listing Rules
  • The entity must have issued a prospectus or PDS that complies with the Corporations Act or, an Information Memorandum which complies with the same disclosure standards and other requirements of the Listing Rules; and
  • The applicant’s Directors and senior management must have the appropriate expertise and experience.

SSX is committed to giving its potential listees support every step of the way. The team at SSX is happy to answer any questions which you have in relation to going public with your companies, and any concerns you have with ongoing compliance.

To be listed on SSX, the standard procedure is:

  1. Talk with SSX
  2. Appoint a Sponsor
  3. Issuing and Lodging a Prospectus or Information Memo (if no capital raising)
  4. Appoint a Market Participant
  5. Finalise your listing Application

Once you have listed, there are ongoing obligations which the company must comply with, and these obligations are clearly outlined in the SSX Listing Rules.