Supervision of the SSX Market

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the regulatory body of Australian market operators (such as SSX) and Australian Financial Services Licensees (such as stockbrokers) . ASIC is responsible for the supervision of real-time trading on SSX through ASIC Market Integrity Rules (APX Market) 2013, for enforcing the laws against listed companies and stockbrokers on the SSX market pursuant to Corporations Act and other regulatory regime.

SSX has market supervision procedures and policies in place to ensure it fulfills its obligation to ensure a fair, orderly and transparent market is maintained at all times. Our Supervision Department monitors and enforces compliance with our Listing Rules and Business Rules by participants of the SSX market. SSX has the right to waive compliance with its Listing Rules or Business Rules. An important aspect of the SSX framework is its ability to update its supervisory practices quickly and efficiently to adapt to changing market and compliance environments.

SSX has arrangements in place to identify and deal with conflicts between the commercial interests of SSX and its obligation to do all things reasonably practicable to ensure a fair, orderly and transparent market. These include transparent decision-making processes and conflict management plan.

SSX Market Supervision Compliance Committee (MSCC)

The Market Supervision Compliance Committee (MSCC) has been set up by SSX to provide a body which is independent of the Board, to review SSX’s ongoing supervision of its market and compliance with the terms of its market operator’s license. Its members are independent of both the SSX Board and management to ensure that the market is fair, orderly and transparent.

The SSX MSCC monitors the exchange’s compliance, conflict management and supervisory policies and procedures.

The MSCC provides written reports to both the Board of SSX and ASIC of its findings on compliance and supervision by SSX. The MSCC reports to the Board any material breaches or suspected material breaches of compliance and conflict management controls or any breaches or suspected material breaches of the Corporations Act or SSX’s market operator license.