The SSX market provides an opportunity for Australian market participants to become involved with Australia’s newest ASIC regulated registered stock exchange. Some advantages of trading on this exciting new exchange include:
  • The opportunity to enhance a market participant’s portfolio with SSX listed companies and other specialised SSX products to offer their clients.
  • Products listed on the SSX follow different market trends and characteristics than those listed on the ASX which means they provide a good form of diversification in an investment portfolio.
  • A ‘whole market’ Participant based model ensures that the market is easy to use. Mandatory research conducted by an independent research house ensures latest information and exposure for listees and allows market participant to make an informed decision on each stocks merit.
  • The SSX model is cheap to use for market participants and clients with fees fully disclosed up front and no hidden or added costs.
  • SSX web based model easy to use and contains order tracking features which ensures each individual market participants adviser is kept up to date on where there orders stand in market.
  • Exposure to new clients from Australia and abroad who wish to trade in stocks on the SSX market. SSX is a market participant based market which means all clients who wish to trade on the exchange need to place their orders through one of SSX’s registered market participants.