The SSX market provides an opportunity for an array of financial services companies to become involved with Australia’s newest ASIC regulated registered stock exchange. Some advantages of participating on this exciting new exchange include:

  • Using already possessed and available specialisation, firms are able to access another income stream to their portfolio through sponsor participation on the SSX.
  • Being a SSX Registered Sponsor adds another service to a firms list of offered specialisations.
  • SSX allows their branding to be used by sponsors in marketing and other initiatives and SSX also actively markets their sponsors to potential listees and in other exchange related initiatives. This works to enhance a company’s reputation and prestige in the market place.
  • Provides access to a host of new clients and business opportunities and assists in the diversification of a firm’s client base.
  • Firms with potential clients will have access to a regulated stock exchange with the added exposure, capital access opportunities and prestige in the marketplace that this comes with.