In keeping with the ideal that listing on a regulated Stock Exchange should be a smooth procedure that sets a company up to achieve its growth targets and is not a complicated and costly exercise, SSX employs the use of a nominated sponsor for each new listee that applies for a place on the SSX Official List.

A SSX Sponsor corroborates the integrity of listee information, and is the key to ‘quality control’ on the market through their obligation to be satisfied as to the veracity of information provided by the listee to the SSX, pre and post listing.

The Sponsor assists the company through the listing process and ensures that the company meets ongoing compliance obligations. This enables the listee to retain focus on building their business knowing that they are meeting their listing obligations. During the first two years of being admitted to the official list, the listee must engage a sponsor to advise it in relation to its obligations under the Listing Rules.

When an entity makes an application to become a listee, the entity must include certain documents signed by a SSX Sponsor.

SSX will liaise between the potential listee and the Sponsor. The potential listee will be able to choose from a list of SSX Sponsors who will review their application.