The SSX Listees listing process is supported by an expert adviser which SSX refers to as a SSX Sponsor. These Sponsors include Market Participants, Accountants and Lawyers aimed at enhancing the listing experience of our Listees and promoting confidence in the market.

Why are Sponsors Important to SSX and its Listees?

The importance of the Sponsors to Listees should not be underestimated.

With the majority of our Listees listing on an exchange for the first time it is important that they have an understanding of all the requirements and rules relevant to their exchange listing. This is where the sponsor plays a vital role as they ensure this understanding is realised by each of their Listees, validating price-sensitive documents and providing advice and guidance on business activities and compliance, as to what is required from an exchange compliance point of view.

SSX sets out strict criteria for becoming a SSX Sponsor, in order to safeguard the integrity of the market, and to ensure that existing and prospective SSX Listees have ready access to the high-quality advice they deserve.

The following is a list of SSX accredited sponsors that are currently available to represent SSX Listees: